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Understanding Cornoranvirus As students of Biology/Biotechnology

by Prashant R Shah November 06, 2020
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Que 1: What is Coronavirus how is it important for biology and biotechnology students?

Ans: Coronavirus is made of two to words corona and virus. Virus is a microorganism. It has a genetic material DNA and RNA and a protein coat. The virus looks like the sun. It is generally found in animal such as bats etc. Biology students should know this much as they are biology students of course.

Que 2: What is biology and biotechnology is revealed in the diagnosis of Coronavirus?

Ans: Diagnosis is an important tool to know whether the person is carrying the virus or not. We are exposed to a lot of viruses that cause cold, measles  etc. It can be detected with the help of a technique called RTPCR where the DNA is copied in which the virus can be detected within 2 to 3 hours. You just eat the throat and the nose swab and the RNA sequence that is reverse transcribed. It is important for biology students to know about the diagnosis as well as to other aspects namely the anti-viral drugs and the vaccine.

Que 3: There is a lot being written on the internet about coronavirus who to believe? What is authentic?

Ans: WHO site

John Hopkins University site.

ICMR sites.

Que 4: What are you going to tell us to your courses on MyOnlineShiksha.com?

Ans: Focus will be on biotechnology. It will be based on drugs, testing and vaccines. It will be based on the basics of biotechnology, how DNA proteins made, cloning etc. initially there will be a basic module then will slowly move towards industrial model (risk management, healthcare).

Que 5: The coronavirus vaccine has many strains so will there be you just one vaccine or various other vaccines?

Ans: There won’t be any one vaccine because one side size fits all will never happen.

Maybe it’ll be region-specific.

Que 6: Do you think the coronavirus will never leave the earth because it’s one of those global pandemics which are zoonotic?

Ans: Microbes have been living on the earth since ages. Spanish flu still exists. Coronavirus might be there but not in our bodies.

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