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Crash Course Vs Full Courses

by Anand Tiwary October 20, 2020

We are all very different when it comes to grasping theories and concepts. Some require along,
procedural teaching to learn properly, while the others can do with a quick handy tutorial.

It’s all virtual and viral now. If you want to study a particular concept, you’ll get a zillion videos, blogs, websites that will make sure that you thoroughly understand it.

One method of study that’s adopted by a lot of scholars is the combination of both.

They refer to a video/blog etc. that’s long, theoretical, lengthy, but that includes the minutest concept’s explanation.

Then they opt for short courses or ceash courses which serves two objectives

1. These crash courses often tell you tricks and tips which are quicker and wiser.
2. It results in the complete revision of the topic.

Ofcourse, these approaches vary from person to person.

So what do you prefer?

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